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Let us help you find out how Bulk SMS can drive your business growth

Let us help you find out how Bulk SMS can drive your business growth

Bulk SMS has come a long way over the last couple of decades. It is now being used in almost every business sector in a huge variety of ways, benefiting both your customers and your business.

As inboxes and social media feeds become more and more overwhelmed with branded content and ads fighting for attention, SMS is a much more personalised and direct way of contacting your customers. With a 98% open rate and the majority of customers opening a text message within 3 minutes of receiving it, there is no more effective way to let you customers know what new products or offers you are running. Find out more

SMS has had a huge impact on the financial industry. SMS is used in almost all parts of the customer journey, from vital security measures, appointment confirmations and important account information updates. Because of the fast delivery speed, the incredibly high open rate and low cost, SMS has become and will continue to become ever more invaluable to the industry. Find out more

No shows are a huge burden and cost in the hospitality industry, SMS allows you to both confirm the reservation at the time of booking and send reminders just before the booking. On top of this 60% of customers prefer to use SMS to book / manage bookings rather than using a website or talking over the phone. Find out more

SMS, as a communication method is so powerful that nearly 50% of individuals would consider taking action after receiving a brands message. On top of this, 80% of people who use coupons will redeem their discount via a mobile device this year. SMS is the most cost effective and productive way to get information to your customers, whether it be to inform existing customers updates on their orders or to generate new traffic to your site with exciting deals. Find out more

SMS allows educational institutions to instantly share important information with Students, teachers, employees and parents. Unlike more traditional forms of communication SMS allows you to update contacts regarding emergencies, closures, schedule changes and other important information with ease in a fast and cost-effective way. Find out more

Health Care

SMS has already made huge steps in streamlining and helping to reduce the cost burden on heath services around the world when it comes to relaying vital information to patients. The use cases for SMS in the health industry are almost limitless, from confirming physical appointments to informing patients of important results in the fastest way possible. Find out more

With SMS being the fastest communication channel to your customers, it’s clear to see why the vast majority of itinerary changes, schedule updates and other important information being sent to customers is now sent using SMS. Occasional delays and changes to customers travel plans is unfortunately unavoidable, however, by keeping your customers up to date with accurate updates in a timely fashion can make their experience as painless as possible. With fast delivery and very high open rates, SMS is the most cost effective and efficient way to do achieve this. Find out more

Much like healthcare, SMS has become a vital tool for cost effective and efficient communication for government services. The use cases are vast and cover every facet of government services, from government employee contact to making sure vital information is delivered and consumed by the wider public. All whilst reducing the need for traditional contact methods and reducing costs enormously. Find out more

In such a competitive and fast moving industry, it is vital that you have a communication channel that can relay information, in as fast and cost effective way as possible, whilst also knowing that the information you are sending is actually going to be read. Because of this, SMS is the perfect tool for sourcing, allocating and updating prospective and existing clients. Find out more

SMS is a great tool to not only stay in contact with your potential and current attendees, but is also a much more cost efficient way for managing ticketing and scheduling. There are also the obvious environmental benefits from reducing a large amount of wasted promotional / ticketing material. Find out more

There aren’t many industries where costs matter more than they do for charities. Finding the most efficient way to gain new support / donations whilst spending the least amount of money is everything. SMS has a 98% open rate, the majority of customers read your message within 3 minutes of delivery and SMS has the highest click through rate of any marketing channels. This is what makes SMS the most cost effective way to contact potential and existing donors. Find out more

The benefits of bulk SMS for your customers are clear. By integrating our SMS channels into your projects you will not only be providing an added value service to your customers, there is also the financial upside for your business. Our team is always here, ready to work with you to integrate our SMS channels as smoothly as possible. Find out more

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